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Using Safari As an RSS News Reader (#1200)

Reader view can be useful because it always retrieves the full article text while streamlining it for greater readability. The old version will keep working for the foreseeable future, according to Rizzi. And, more generally, Reeder is not a necessity if you already like using one of the Web-based newsreader services.

I also often use Feedly directly via its Web-based interface and iOS app—Feedly has come a long way since it first emerged as a notable Google Reader replacement. But longtime Reeder users are likely to find version 4 enticing.

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Thumbnails in the headline column alone are worth the price of admission for those who like to identify article sources. This feature baffles me. In the latter case, turning on reader mode has Reeder fetch the actual web page, extract the article content from it, and display it in that same streamlined article view. I was going to say exactly this! I find the Reader view extremely useful, as many of my feeds only provide a one-line summary in the RSS.

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  5. For me, Reader view is a great timesaver. The new version in Reeder 4 is much faster and far more reliable than it was in Reeder 3. Well I have one complaint - it only works in OS X That is a bummer.

    5 Best Free RSS Feed Reader Apps for Android, iPhone and Web 12222

    I will get the iOS version on my iPad Pro based on your review. Thank you very much! Hello Julio, Thank you for the article. Which RSS reader do you recommend?. The most important feature for my use is reading mode. Thank you! Are they essential to make aggregators or reading apps like this work affectively for the user? Is saving to iCloud best done in something like Pocket, or within the reading app? Why Apple, WHY!? I Have been an RSS fan for a long time. I really like Reader 4 for its options, and keyboard shortcuts.

    But I am not using it, on a daily bases.

    iOS Features - NewsBar RSS Reader

    It also is in active development, has all the features you could ever want. Lots of keyboard shortcuts. Both a Mac and an IOS app. Cleans up text well. Simple and fast.

    What Makes a Great RSS Reader App?

    I use feedwrangler. I love that I can read or star articles on any device and everything stays in sync. It has a minimal web interface for seeing and manipulating your feeds, but in general you can use almost any third-party app to read and add feeds. My favorite RSS app is Mr. Reader on iPad, but sadly it is dead.

    Reeder is okay, but I prefer the Mr. He uses a collection of apps and websites, and he has a hierarchy to go along with his various sources. I use a variety of ways to gather information and research articles.

    RSS vs. News Readers

    I also use Reeder as an RSS reader. Internally, we have some specific Apple feeds piped through to a dedicated Slack channel. The apps I use are Apple News and Feedly. I like Apple News because it gives me news from a wide range of sources, and it groups news based around categories, like Tech, Music, and Entertainment. I can get breaking news alerts as well. Also, I like the fact that Apple has real news editors that curate the content. Like Apple News and pretty much any news app it sorts news into categories. My go-to for daily news is Feedly , which serves as my RSS feed manager.

    I use the the Feedly web interface in my browser on my Mac, and the Feedly app on my iPhone and iPad. The Feedly apps are free, as is using the service.