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Maybe an add-on?

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Unfortunately, I have the same problem with Firefox not understanding the change in about:config. I have changed it and for some reason, the above change just changes back to false! It has to do with media web pages. I noticed Tasha reported above the same on a media site, startribune. I get the same with KOIN. What about Chrome for Android?

How to reload all tabs in chrome

It doesnt have the tab discard flag. Yet, its a major pain when it comes to auto refreshing. A stupid feature that serves no purpose except to annoy. Skip to content. Is this article useful? Yes No. Comments 8. Facebook Tweet. Dec 30, at pm.

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What about Safari? Jan 5, at am. J Curie. Jan 6, at am. James M.

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Feb 9, at pm. Jacob Philipson Armon. Thankfully this extension is easy and simple to use and quickly fixes the frustration. Reloading all windows is different from just reloading all tabs. Windows are what the tabs reside in, so when this option is clicked and there are multiple windows open, all the tabs in every window will be reloaded, instead of just the window which was being viewed at the time Reload All Tabs was initiated. Reload only pinned tabs is a nice useful feature to keep from reloading all the tabs that you may not want reloaded during your browsing session. And that is it!

Simple right?

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Now instead of having to reload ten tabs manually, you have an almost automatic solution. Do you use Reload All Tabs?

Has it solved your frustration of having to reload tabs? Download Reload All Tabs for Chrome.

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Maybe a little too much. Here are 10 extensions that will help you deal with the tab overload. Explore more about: Google Chrome , Tab Management. Your email address will not be published.

Refresh and reload all open tabs in Internet Explorer

This is great, but I can't help feeling you've used about words here where about would do. This is great for anyone who is doing researching or shopping. Sometimes I will open a bunch of things to look at while shopping but need to add them to a list I just created on the site like a wishlist type of list but I would need to reopen the 30 tabs again Personally I'm a friend of the Chrome Toolbox Options.

Actually there needs to be a fix for this than just refreshing. I has to do with Flash. Just my opinion. There's no need of any extension as for the topic. This do most of the work. Sometimes Chrome itself asks you to reload all tabs. An extension for this? An article on MUO about it?

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  5. This is probably the most useless thing I've encountered on the Internet this year. How many dozen tabs would you need to have open and how often should the browser crash that you would need something like this installed? Rob Nightingale. Top Deals.