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  • How the DNSChanger malware works.
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  • Submit a sample Submit a file or URL for further analysis. Technical Details These trojans start in the package install scripts.

    How to detect and fix a machine infected with DNSChanger

    Installation Social engineering techniques are used to persuade the user into downloading and running this trojan. Directed to the Global website Website managed by a local partner. Since DNS is the interface between the typed URL and the targeted server, the crime ring created its own DNS network that would in large part work normally, but would also allow the ring to arbitrarily redirect the traffic for specific URLs to fake Web sites for the purposes of stealing personal information or getting people to click on ads. Setting up the rogue DNS network itself isn't enough, since this network needs to be specified in a computer's settings in order to be used.

    To make this happen, the crime ring created the DNSChanger malware also referred to as RSplug, Puper, and Jahlav , which was distributed as a trojan horse and successfully infected millions of PC systems worldwide.

    Deeper dive into how DNS works

    Once installed, this malware would continuously change the DNS settings for the affected computer and even for network routers , to point to the crime ring's rogue DNS network. As a result, even if people manually changed their computers' DNS settings, these changes would automatically be reverted by the malware on their systems. Since millions of PC users had been infected by this malware, once the crime ring was taken down in a November multilateral sting called Operation Ghost Click , the FBI and other government authorities decided against turning off the rogue DNS network as this would have instantly prevented the infected systems from resolving URLs, and thereby would have effectively shut down the Internet for them.

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    Instead, the DNS network was kept active and converted to a legitimate service while efforts were put in place to notify users of the DNSChanger malware and wait for the number of worldwide infections to fall. Initially the rogue DNS network was slated for closure in March of this year; however, while the rate of infections fell significantly once the crime ring was broken up, the number of infected computers has remained relatively high, so the FBI extended the deadline to July 9 this upcoming Monday.

    Unfortunately, even as this deadline approaches, thousands of PC system worldwide are still infected with the DNSChanger malware, and when the servers are shut down these systems will no longer be able to resolve URLs to IP addresses. Have a fix?


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    How to check if you’ve been infected by DNS Changer virus. « Super User Blog

    Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Currently, authorities have seized all the DNS servers that were responsible.

    Hacking Tip: Change Your MAC Address

    However, so many computers world wide were affected that shutting them down was not an option as they would still work to direct people to good sites. However, the authorities are now going to shut them down as they have deemed it has been long enough for people to repair their systems. The warning is that once they shut down, those infected will not be able to access the internet.