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And when Apple in October removed a hard drive from the Air to focus on all-flash storage, it became very clear to me it saw rotating medias a nuisance of sorts, something in a need of phasing out ASAP for the greater good. That same year, the iPhone 4 debuted and went on to sell like gangbusters. And earlier in January, Apple launched the iPad. If Apple sees itself as a mobile devices company, why would they bother ever catering to audiences who are married to legacy technologies?

Mac Mini (2010) - disc loading concerns

Sure, there will always be people who insist on an all-in-one desktop that has an optical drive. And there will always be Dells and HPs of this world to meet their expectations.

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Do we really need optical media inside our computers at a time when physical media is dying and software gets purchased and delivered via the Interwebs? It was one less thing to worry about, a revelation of sorts. It was the right thing to do.

Which CD Drive should you choose?

In my view, the sooner I freed myself from the baggage of the past, the better. When Blu-ray came along, I felt the industry was pushing me to re-purchase my standard-definition DVD movie collection. Blu-ray movies, you say… Sure, love the image quality and the crispness of high-bandwidth compression. A design this thin is impossible without a few compromises, among them the removal of a built-in optical media drive. For most part, the consumers willfully live with the inconveniences along the way and endure bumps on the road. Such an attitude is the most important pre-requisite to successful gadget making.

And, as some of you pointed out down in the comments, the question is really not if the optical drives are dead or not. Hell broke loose, headlines screamed at the time. Greater good being truly portable devices. I got rid of all my optical discs years ago and never looked back. Back in Cupertino, Apple has been steadily removing older peripheral interfaces from the rest of its product line.

Apple started abandoning rotating medias with a revision to the Mac mini server, which came without an optical drive, but contained a second hard drive in its place.

Then, on June 15, , Apple dropped a built-in optical drive from all versions of the Mac mini to introduce other perks in place of it, like a Thunderbolt port. Haters had a field day accusing Apple of not supporting Flash on the iPhone because the company presumably saw it as a threat to native apps on the App Store.

Flash on mobile devices was going nowhere yet only Apple had the courage to call it what it was — a dying technology. Adobe and the rest of the industry responded with an outlandish anger, slamming Apple for the perceived control freakishness. Phone makers heavily advertised Flash as one of the key differentiating features of Android devices over the iPhone.

The media had a common enemy to write about. Everybody and their mother orgasmically enjoyed criticizing Apple. Countless words have been written about goddamn Apple and its Flash crusade.


Apple took it all on the chin and had been right all along: eventually, Flash on mobile died a slow death. Nobody shed a tear, but only Apple was courageous enough to go against powerful vested interests and risk a short-term public outcry for the benefit of articulating how the rest of the industry felt about Flash anyway.

Apple developed FireWire as a high-speed interconnect interface in FireWire had originally been deployed across iPods, but was phased out in in favor for standard USB interface. This machine originally debuted in January of as an ultra-thin notebook. Perhaps understandably, it was panned for compromising on some features, but what the press really zeroed in on was its lack of a built-in optical drive. If there ever was such a thing as a heresy in the computer world, there it was: an Apple notebook without an optical drive.

Nowadays, we have Ultrabooks. And guess what? Q: Does it work with an imac? A: Hello Susan Hanssen,yes it can! Q: Does anyone have a non- mac laptop with windows 10 using this?

usb disc drive problems?

Will it work well without installing anything else? A: Dear David M. Stearns,this usb c superdrive is not only use for mac ,but also use for other laptop and pc with windows. As the windows 10 is the latest window system,so sometimes it will limit some drive function,the best way is that you install a new DVD player for the it,thanks.

Q: Is this for mac book only???

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A: If you have a usb-c port it will be alright. Q: Macbook pro Get an LG they work great and worth the price. Q: Can i transfer home movies from my mini-dvds to my mac with this?

A: Yes. Q: can i use this to load the info from a CD onto my desk top?

How to Rip a DVD on Mac Computer Without DVD Optical Drive

A: i believe you can, bought it for my hubby to use with his Mac!! You might also like. Previous page. Best dvd drives for imac. Best usb c external dvd drives for laptop. Best cd drives for mac.