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Let other people bring you back down to earth, until you feel safe enough to calm yourself. The two are an unconventional recipe, but a perfect salted caramel combination. Made mistakes? Ariana sings about love and desire as an uncontrollable force, with the kind of emotional clarity that only a top-tier popstar can bring. Big Sean, Yours Truly , In the video, Ariana gets with Patrick Schwarzenegger, but she and Sean clearly had a deeper attraction -- the two dated from late to mid Pop moves so quickly that we forget this is the song that broke The Weeknd to a mainstream audience, giving him his first top ten hit on the Billboard Hot Nicki Minaj, Dangerous Woman , Ariana Grande contains multitudes -- judging by this list, at least a hundred of them.

Thank U, Next ends with a heel turn no one saw coming. Ariana Grande used to sing of true love as if it were a Disney fairytale. Ariana sings her vocal harmonies unusually close to the microphone, more intimately than ever before, as if to envelop you in a warm, pillowy hug. Great Christmas music is about feeling the highs and lows of the season, the delicate balance between joy and melancholy.

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Writing good originals is easier said than done, but Ariana makes it seem effortless. Why are the verses too high to sing along to? Why does it feature Mac Miller, of all rappers? Underestimate her at your own risk. The love she sings of may never exist -- but at least in her music, the possibilities are endless.

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Over a hip-swaying trap beat and sugary psychedelic guitars, Ariana lays out a sexual encounter so ecstatic that it transcends time and space. The video, directed by Dave Meyers, depicts Ariana in an eye-popping tableaux of religious and art iconography, reinterpreting each scene through a feminist lens. Madonna, the original queen of sex-positive feminism, narrates an interlude.

Over electric piano and plucked violins, she serenades you with an intoxicating lullaby. The offbeat verses build to an impossibly high note, but just when you expect an anthemic chorus -- no! But she refused to look backwards, to give into sadness.

Love Lost - Mac Miller (New 2011)

If she had cracked, we would have too -- but instead, she gave the most emotional performance of her life without missing a note. If she could live through this, then so could we.

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Art is political because existence is political. At just 20, Grande was already a fully mature vocalist, and an artist who knew exactly what she wanted from her music. She threw another curveball, collaborating with Zedd on a thoroughly modern EDM track, with a timeless disco sentiment. In one song, she grew up, moved past her old heartbreaks, and celebrated her newfound artistic freedom. I miss you every minute of every day and will always love you my sweet son.

Until I hold you again…. Love Maaaammma. He was a kind sensitive young man who I believe with all my heart had a pure heart and not a negative bone in his body. He was a son, a brother, a grandson, cousin and a good friend. His faithful best friend best buddy Burly his rescue dog has now joined him on July 23, Dawson was a college graduate with a whole lot of life ahead of him and we not only mourn his loss we mourn what could have been, his lost potential.

We will see you soon my beloved son and each day I live on this earth I count as a day closer to reuniting with you. I lost the love of my life to heroin. Dave was a beautiful soul that didnt deserve the way he died.

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I pray for all the addicts that are still struggling and the ones in recovery. I love you Dave. My beloved and forever cherished son, We hold you in our hearts forever. Your love of life, your laughter, your support to everyone is remembered, shared and talked about often. We will never, ever forget. A huge chunk of all of us, is gone.

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  5. We miss you so much and love you to no end. Love you always and forever, your mom. I will always educate to honor you both. No stigma and no shame. You should be here, enjoying life. I hope you both know how much you are truly loved and missed. Sending hugs to Heaven! Adam, my best friend and love of my life, we lost you too soon. You are so loved and missed.

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    Miss your hugs and your laugh. You fought hard. Your faith and your kindness inspired many. You will never be forgotten. Love you always. Til I see you again. I lost my precious son Jonathon Lohmeier August 26, from a fentanyl laced Xanax. He struggled with his disease of addiction for many years and we fought hard to free him of it. He was a funny, sensitive, loving, caring son that also struggled with bipolar, depression, adhd and never felt that was worth anything. He was born on the 4th of July and that is one thing he always loved about himself.

    He loved celebrating his birthday because he knew it was one time he would totally be the center of attention. He always is and always will be my firecracker. My first born, only son and the very first true love of my life. The hole in my heart will be open and will only be filled when I see him again when my time comes. Thank you for the opportunity to share my son Jonathon with everyone. I will say his name daily.

    He will not be forgotten. He is always missed and forever loved. Almost 11 months clean. Used twice , the last time fatal. Not sure what my new normal is.

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    Questions will never be answered. Love you Mike! To the precious lives lost we remember you with fondness in our hearts Special lives, precious memories xxx. Her name is Krista Marie, she was 35 years old and left behind an 8 year old son. I would like to remember her on this day by lighting a candle in her memory, I will be having a gathering of family and friends tomorrow to have a small barbecue in her honor.

    We will all light a candle in her memory. For my inimitable. I miss you all the time, I ache for you every day. Treatment has to improve soon. I campaign for change. But nothing really soothes the gaping wound caused by your absence. I love you to the moon and back.

    You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. In remembrance of our beautiful mother who we lost 26 years ago. Mackenzie, I miss you more everyday, I can not believe that I will never be able to hold or hug you ever again.

    It was not supposed to be this way, you leaving before me. I hope you know how much I love you and always will. Love Mommy. My precious son, you are so loved and missed every day.

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    I miss your charm, your wit, your heart, I miss you! The pain is gone for you and that is helping to heal my heart. MJ is happy, I promise to love her and take care of her for the rest of her days.