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I downloaded the Logitech Gaming Software for Mac, but once installed, it refuses to detect the mouse. This connectivity program however does recognize it correctly.

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I tried the mouse on a windows 7 system, where both, software and mouse are working fine The logitech support was little helpful. They say now, the problem is that I need a USB 2 port Posted on Jun 6, AM. Posted on Jun 9, AM. So, you will need to go to the Logitech Website to search for answers to your gaming mouse issues.

Jun 6, PM.

Page content loaded. I would search logitechs forum for other people the same issue as in using the search function of their site. Jun 6, AM. If you run Windows under BootCamp or in Virtualization software, you might get this mouse to work the way you want, but I don't do Windows, so I cannot guarantee it it will or won't work under these conditions. Yes, I had checked it before I bought the mouse I will take your advice and browse the Logitech forums again No fine tuning available I'm afraid, but it all works out nevertheless.

With the Gs, you can pick where you'd like to store personalized profiles either on-board the mouse itself or on your computer. With this software you can literally configure every single button on the Gs to perform what ever it is you'd like, no exceptions. Wireless connectivity is Logitech's forte. Thanks to the tried and true 2. It is more reliable and quicker than using a Bluetooth connection.

There's absolutely no lag between cursor and mouse movements, and connection only ever drops when your battery fully runs out. And when the battery runs out, the Gs can be plugged to recharge while you continue to use it in its wired mode without interruption.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 Software for Windows, Mac

In that regard, the Gs's wired mode is very similar to wireless mice made by Razer. But I must say, using the Gs in wired mode isn't as great as using it wirelessly. Razer mice come with detachable braided cables, whereas the cable included with the Gs feels like a huge miss.

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Even Logitech's G features a braided cable that is easy to work with, so why did Logitech use such a thick and stiff cable for its flagship gaming mouse is beyond me. The charging cord is too stiff to man over the mouse freely while it is connected in a wired mode. It creates drag and resistance, two issues you really don't want to experience when using a wired mouse, let alone a wireless gaming mouse.

The cable is too heavy and thick, and although it is extremely durable, it clearly reminds you why you've purchased a wireless mouse in the first place. As long as you've set your settings correctly to fit your preference, the Gs tracks accurately and smoothly just like its G predecessor, and that shouldn't be surprising. You can't ask for better tracking performance really. But go above DPI, and the slightest gesture will teleport the cursor across your screen to another dimension. Why would anyone ever use such ridiculously high sensitivity settings will remain a mystery.

On this type of surface, the Gs flies across it like a professional ice skater. In other words, the Gs tracks beautifully when used appropriately. As great of a wireless gaming mouse the Gs is, and although I was happy to see that Logitech has included an Eneloop battery instead of a non-user replaceable built-in rechargeable battery in the Gs - it does have short battery performance.

One AA battery barely lasts for a couple of days until the Gs requires you to plug in the charging cable. It's no wonder Logitech does not mention battery life.

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Razer's Mamba in comparison has 16 hours of battery life on top of its lighting effects. Then again, the Gs recharges quick and you can still use it whilst it charges.

That's not you, right?

I do have a few personal nitpicks which have been consistent from one Logitech mouse to the next which is the loud clicky noises the left and right buttons emit. Although perfectly tactile which goes without saying, the noise these buttons make is simply unappealing when you click like a thousand times a day.

Up Close with the Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

Turning on the ratcheting feature of the dual-mode scroll wheel makes a ticking noise that sounds awful and makes you want to switch back to smooth, hyper-spin scrolling which is great as it has always been but can get out of control at times if not set properly. If you are looking to purchase a new wireless gaming mouse, you've got two very good options in front of you by Logitech. The G isn't going to be around for much long, and if you're strapped for cash then we recommend you go for it. Otherwise, the Gs is just as good, if not slightly better.

And, no accidental scroll.


I set the wheel to free-spin. This is especially useful in Linux, because in Linux, there's no scroll wheel acceleration. Very easy to press.

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Very easy to hit the button you want. Never accidental click. Why you need so many buttons? This means, you should plug-in every night, or, just use it plugged-in all the time like a wired mouse.