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Indie singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco is the subject of a new documentary -- er, "Macumentary" -- by Pitchfork, somewhat disgustingly entitled "Pepperoni Playboy. Watch it above.

DeMarco and Co. Along the way, he shows us "how to make acoustic guitars rock," gives hot tips to aspiring young indie rockers, and pulls off a shower scene not unlike the one in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, if it happened on a toilet. Head over to Mac DeMarco's Zumic artist page for more of his music, videos and news.

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Mac DeMarco's "Let Her Go" Acoustic Tutorial

The whole audience sings along. The lights shine blue as he strums on stage. The crowd is really into this one.

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He comments on how he has been sick recently, but manages to hit every octave. He even stops playing the guitar and starts to scat through the song, and dances as he goes.

Mac DeMarco - Let Her Go (Live on KEXP)

He stretches his vocal range even farther and everyone in the crowd is completely captivated. Mac lights a cigarette and then tells a sweet anecdote about his guitarist, Andy, who is not present this evening. He asks the audience to help him with the solo which he usually does.

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It is quite a comical unfolding as everyone in the crowd makes noises mirroring the solo of Andy. Afterwards Mac thanks everyone for helping. The whole evening continues to be a very honest and no frills presentation of much-loved songs.

2 Sketchy Days With Mac DeMarco

His down-to-earth persona really shine through in his effortless presentness. The next song he says he wrote when he was 19 years old.

Let Her Go Posters

The song is about Marilyn Monroe. Drums: I can scratch my way by.

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  5. And without added opinions from musicians, cowriters, producers or engineers, Salad Days emerged from the womb as a very authentic creature, a reflection of DeMarco himself. Recording to tape requires both expertise and care — in particular, guarding the precious magnetic tape from volatile elements — but towards the end of the recording process, the eight-channel tape machine was down to six channels, and thanks to his close-proximity chain smoking, the tape had slightly warped.

    The sound most people associate with Mac DeMarco is his metallic guitar tones, of which there is no shortage of on Salad Days. Additionally, the irregular combination of recording a cheap guitar through a not-so-cheap tape machine further defined the distinctive sound of the guitar.